Willing to Broadcast Live Videos Online? Here are the Leading Tools

People are crazy about uploading videos to YouTube, Instagram or other popular video sites out there and it continues to gain traction in social media but if you are an internet marker, e-commerce entrepreneur or content publisher, video streaming is something you can’t afford to miss!
It’s easier than you might think. You don’t necessarily need any fancy equipment, you can live stream any shows and events by connecting your webcam, camcorder, or mobile device to the Internet.
To get you started on your quest to find an affordable event livestreaming option, we’ve collected some popular tools that your business can use to host and broadcast your event online.


Facebook Live


Facebook Live is the tool that is very popular and used. Facebook Live makes live streaming simple. It has a super simple platform that is easy to use whether you are on mobile or desktop
It encourages you to “broadcast live to the largest audience in the world.” The tool lets you choose your audience, receive real-time feedback in the comments section of your stream, and track how many viewers your livestream brought in at various points. Video is published to the page or profile so that anyone who missed it can watch later.


YouTube Live


Youtube was one of the first to come up with live streaming features to their platform, yet it has had a turbulent advancement with a change of policy, tools and features. The tool presently offers whether you are a lone live streamer or you are planning completely fledged events with features such as monetization and advertisements. The platform has very advanced features and it offers one feature like no platform does, the search potential of being on Youtube, powered by Google.


Instagram Live


Instagram Live is a substantially more youthful activity compared to Facebook, YouTube and Twitter, yet it is unified with high potential for virality. The potential is huge in Instagram live if Instagram is important in your social media mix. The tool let you get more organic exposure and there are many reports that confirm algo supporting live streamers. The features are extremely restricted with two-person streaming simply being acquainted to the platform.


IBM Cloud


IBM Cloud Video acquired Ustream in 2016 which is now IBM Cloud Video. The IBM Cloud Video is a suite of solution which includes Streaming Manager, cloud-based platform for the delivery of live video and on-demand content. IBM Cloud Video is designed mainly for large audiences for event streaming or marketing launches. It offers a reliable set of features that can be used for corporate events.



Livestream is one of the first tools that flew up to fill up the gap between consumer tools for example, the ones above and more expert platforms. It is a robust service for people and businesses that are serious about their live broadcasts.
There is no free version of the tool. Being a paid-for-tool, this may not be a big deal if you plan events with more intricate needs, it consequently removes you if you are an individual streamer. Livestream powers 10 million events annually and claims the title of world’s #1 live video platform.



Twitter uses Periscope to stream live video for twitter broadcasters on the social media site. If twitter is an essential part of your social media then periscope unquestionably gets more eyeballs on your tweets.
As periscope integrates with twitter, tool is offering all the benefit regarding virality. Periscope has strong suite of analytics that help user to quickly understand the performance of live stream. This platform is beneficial for those using third-party broadcasting tools for more complex live streaming needs.



YouNow is a popular live video streaming and chat app that enters the category of the personal streaming apps and is used more for casual video broadcasts than for professional work. This app is not as mainstream as Facebook or Instagram but equipped to the individual live streamer. It offers a great virality potential with featured streams getting lots of views.
The site practices alert with content, however live-streaming is capricious, so its absolutely impossible the site can ensure watchers won’t see something objectionable.



Streamshark is a settled player in the middle of the road fragment of the market. We are discussing a worldwide Content Delivery Network (CDN) to convey your live stream at its maximum capacity. There are some clever integrations, for example, Google Analytics and Facebook Live and adaptation alternatives and privacy controls. These are particularly important for corporate occasions that need to run their stream on secured sites. One of the super cool features here is the 360-degree video player that offers the capacity to observe live streams in an immersive mode.



Twitch is a completely different category. Twitch is a platform utilized by video gaming lovers who appreciate live-broadcasting their games and viewing different clients play, contend, instruct and do a wide range of different things that gamers do.
If gaming is your thing, then Twitch is the king platform of this world



Live.ly is a part of the Musical.ly monster. 2 million downloads demonstrates that it is unbelievably well known with youngsters and pre-adolescents. Which sort of answers the greater part of your inquiry as far as what would you be able to do with it. If you want to achieve this statistic, you most likely need to be there. However, we are talking more about “I am spilling from my room” than from an expo or an austere race. The connection with music can make it to somewhat one to look for music occasions.

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