Google’s Visual Positioning System Making Navigation Easier for Travellers

Google unveils its first-ever augmented reality interface that utilizes a complex visual positioning system to offer improved navigation.

We’ve all had been delayed especially travellers figuring out Google Maps Navigation before — “am I going the right direction?” Google Maps would now be able to utilize your camera to recognize your surroundings, visually communicate your route directly before your eyes!

Tap a button to activate visual view, A small semisphere of map data showed up at the bottom of the interface, while the camera point of view included bold images of where to turn and go—and floating panels that show data about businesses in your immediate view. Google’s has also been experimenting with a character that can help further guide users. In the demo, it was a little fox.

At the ongoing Google I/O conference, senior director of product Aparna Chennapragada showed when unveiling a Google initiative dubbed the visual positioning system (VPS), how google is “combining Google Maps’ 2D interface with the view from your smartphone’s camera lens”.

The VPS uses your phone’s camera and Google’s broad back-end information to examine your surroundings to identify where you are with more noteworthy precision.
Though google demonstrated it off in a hardware store, but it’s not hard to envision how the technology could be extended to malls, large stadiums, amusement parks, or museums. Meanwhile, a smaller version of the traditional Maps experience will be shown on the lower half of the screen, should it be needed.

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