How to start great business conversation and win business

You’re about to meet someone at a networking event or a party, or trying to show your calibre to a potential manager in a job interview, or trying to show your business or want new customers. In every situation one this is crucial that is conversation and first impression. I’ve noticed how many people have this question on their big day for professional terms. In trying to answer that question, there are literature and seminars on how to win business through conversation We’re all familiar—maybe too familiar—with the super saying, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” Whether or not it’s fact is a subject for some other day; let’s focus on how we can be sure we win business every-time we interact. Here is V2web expert and psychologically tested advice

1. Start the communication by the question.

If is it obvious to the other person that you are about to represent or generate business, use this dynamic to your advantage by surprising them with a question about almost anything else except showing your business skills and marketing, from “Do you know what’s the best place to have pizza?” to “What’s your favorite place for good casual hangout?”

2. Say something about the surrounding and inoffensive.

Ask them about the surrounding like what they like or enjoying the weather because that is one of the safest thing to ask for. Keyword of the second step is safe and inoffensive question only. And there’s almost always something to say on these topics , whether it’s “Gee, what a sunny day!” or “We will melt someday because of global warming?”

3. Ask if they are enjoying themselves.

“Are you having a good day so far?” is a safe way to start a conversation in almost every scene.

4. Show interest in their work.

This too is a pretty safe conversation starter as most people are interested to talk about their jobs or businesses. Name badges can be a really big help. If the badge mentions a title and it seems not so common one, ask them what kind of work they do. If the badge mentions a company you’re not known with, ask about what the company work. If it’s a household name, you can always ask what they feel working of them.

5. Ask some follow up questions about their work.

Unless the event is taking place in a completely normal hotel or convention venue, you have always something to say about where you’re meeting. If it’s your first time there, you can say so and say what your first thoughts are (especially if they’re good ). If the event is in your home town, you can ask what they think of the place and ask their memories.
And when conversation is flowing ask them further about the work they do.

6. Praise them but be specific.

If you know points of view of customers by reputation, know about their companies, don’t pass up the chance to say something nice about anything they or their company have done. “I really thought your last advertising campaign showed really well.” Or: “I really like your blog post.” It could even be, “I thought you asked 日本藤素
a really great question in this morning’s session, what was the thought trail behind this.”
Any of these tells your prospects that you are actually secretly want to pay attention and listening to what they have to say. That’s a very powerful opener indeed and you can take this conversation on a great level. Just keep listening.

7. Compliment them.

“Where did you get that shirt?” or “What a lovely tie!” are almost always good ways to start a conversation with anyone. You’re praising them, making them feel good about themselves, creates image that you’re paying attention, and putting the focus away from you which is very Much desired.

8. Ask for help.

It almost doesn’t matter what sort of help. Anything from, “Can you help me to open this jar?” to “Can you help me figure out how this device work,” will get someone few minutes to be engaged and connected with you, and owing someone a favor is one of the strongest ways you can build a bond, and people accept things sooner in these cases. Just make sure your potential customer isn’t in a hurry to be someplace else before you ask for his or her to help you, do at appropriate time.

9. Give them something good.

This is a secret so many people bring bowls of candy, pens, and other side intensity to trade shows. Ask potential customers if they would like a free item, especially if it’s a not so expected item, or something which is important at that moment such as a mid-afternoon cup of coffee or a snack, whether they say yes or no thank you, you’ve put a connection in a positive way which is always a benefit.

10. Ask what they are looking for.

If you just can’t open a conversation that’s not related to selling, then put the focus on them, instead than you, by asking a question about what they want or need. You may face rejection if they assume your question is just intended as a segue toward your sales pitch. But if you fairly listen to what they need or desire and resist the urge to load in with information about your product or service, you will have pretty good chances win them over.

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