Google G suite Vs Microsoft Office 365 (2018)

G suite vs office 365

Selecting an office suite for your own personal device is one factor however creating a choice that may impact an entire team or company is far tougher.

Choosing between the following corporations ultimately depends on the requirements of your individual business, Price, storage and simple use are going to be massive deciding factors, and creating that call isn’t easy.


Common software tools includes in G suite and Office 365:

  • Cloud storage both online and offline
  • Email with custom domain names
  • 24/7 support via phone and web
  • Data loss prevention and recovery tool

The major distinction between them lies in price, storage capability, ability to figure offline, and your specific demand or preference if any.


Plans and Pricing

G suite has following plans to choose.

  1. G Suite Basic (INR 125 per user per month)
  2. G Suite Business (INR 600 per user per month)
  3. G Suite Enterprise (INR 1650 per user per month)

Office 365 has a layered solutions for company to choose. Microsoft offers Enterprises level plans for larger cooperations.

  1. Office 365 Enterprise E1 (INR 530 per user per month)
  2. Office 365 Enterprise E3 (INR 1320 per user per month)
  3. Office 365 Enterprise E5 (INR 2315 per user per month)

Some important factors to consider when deciding G suite or Office 365:


G suite Basic and Office Enterprise E1

If your requirement is easy business emails, or small business then you must consider with G Suite Basic and Office Enterprise E1 and here is the comparison between them.

  Factors:         G Suite Basic Office 365 Enterprise E1



G suite basic is less expensive than Office 365 E1 (INR 125) Office 365 E1 is four times expensive than G suite basic (INR 530)

 Storage      Capacity



30 GB per user


50 GB per user


Offline Apps


G Suite Apps like Gmail,  Word, Sheet etc.


365 E1 doesn’t include offline installable apps.

G Suite Business and Office 365 Enterprise E2

If you have more complicated requirements such as more storage capacity, ability to recover lost/data, legal compliance on your data/communication, heavy offline document usage etc. then consider between  G Suite Business and Office 365 Enterprise E2.

  Factors:         G Suite Business Office 365 Enterprise E2



G suite business is less expensive than Office 365 E2 (INR 600) Office 365 E2 is four times expensive than G suite business (INR 1320)

 Storage      Capacity



Unlimited storage per user


100 GB mailbox per user


Offline  Apps


G Suite Apps like Gmail, Word, Sheet etc.


365 E2 its classic Desktop MS Office offline installable apps.

G Suite Enterprise and Office 365 Enterprise E3

Both plans include good control over data and settings. G Suite includes Vault along with greater data loss prevention for Gmail and Drive, dial in numbers for meetings, security keys, and Big Query for Gmail data analysis etc.


We recommend start with Basic or Intermediate plans, and you can always upgrade to higher version as and when need.

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