Benefits of Social Media for Business Marketing

Benefits of Social Media

It’s not surprising to acknowledge that how rapidly Social Media has taken over the Market. Statistics show that there are 2.789 Billion Active Users and 482 Millions of annual growth can be seen on the social media users since 2016. 92% of the total Professionals who use Social Media for their Business agree that Social Media is an important tool for their Business.

Business’s who wish to reach out to the maximal number of clientele; Social Media is the accurate tool for you. Social Media Platforms are the easiest way to let your target audience know that you exist in the market and what Product or Service you are offering.

Benefits of Social Media for your Business Marketing are mentioned below:

  • Reduced Marketing Cost: Social Media has reduced the marketing cost in a tremendous way. We all know how expensive it used to be to promote business a decade ago. But with Social Media, it has become really cheap to make your Business reach to the right customer.
  • Increase in Exposure: 85% of marketers have experienced rise in the publicity of their Business.
  • Brand Recognition: With steady efforts on Social Media over a period of time, you can build a reputation for your business with your worth, well-being and advantages. The important factor is how you represent yourself on Social Media by which we mean that the more innovative and representative you are, the greater is the brand value of your Business.
  • Increase in Traffic: Those who are using Social Media for their Business saw one of major benefits from it i.e. traffic increase with 76% of the positive results.
  • Improved Search Rankings: 55% of the Business’s on social media experienced enhancement in search rankings.
  • Marketplace Insights: Social Media guides you with how your Social Media Marketing is going with 65% of the Business’s using Social Media as a Marketplace Intelligent Booster. Those who are spending 6-10hrs/week likely to gain market insights, while 73% spending 11hrs/week also saw the rise.
  • Growth of Business Partnership: Those Business’s spending most of their time on Social Media found attempt to gain the most Business Partnership. By adapting Social Media Marketing, 52% of the Business developed Business Partnership.
  • Lead Generation: There is a great feeling when you see lead generating with the help of Social Media. 65% of the total 犀利士
    Business’s using Social Media were Small Business entrepreneurs who saw lead generations.
  • Improved Sales: 45% of the Business’s have specified that they saw an increase in sales by using Social Media. 53% of the small businesses are happy with the sale increase due to Social Media platforms. But keep in mind that it takes time to reap benefits from them. Half of the Business’s who experienced sales rise have been using Social Media for at least 3 years.
  • Increase Customer Retainership: Nearly 3/4th of the B2C Business’s are more likely to succeed with loyal fan base compared to B2B Business’s which is only 58%.

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